Our steel


"Our steel at the service of your projects"

The steel, which the Group produces, complies with the requirements of the highest quality standards and is equipped with the latest certifications of European and international systems and products.
Our innovative and reliable products are used in various fields of application all over Europe.
"Foundations, buildings, bridges, stadiums, skyscrapers …. and so many other buildings are built every day with our products."
Many important growth pushes for the development would not have occurred without steel. No other material is actually used in so many applications and fields.

As it has become essential in almost all technological fields, steel also has a strong ecological and environmental power.
In fact, steel is produced with scrap metal that we process in our factories to achieve the projects for the future. Steel is endlessly recycled.
It has been one of the most important foundations and one of the motive forces for the technical, economic and social progress of humanity for more than 3000 years.


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