Recycling Steel


It is possible to cleanly produce steel and recycle it without any loss; therefore, it complies with the principle of sustainability and social responsibility like no other material. Therefore, steel is a key pillar of a sustainable society. No other product is as environmental friendly as steel. It brings a significant contribution to protecting the environment and the climate through a variety of possible applications.


Thanks to its endless recycling, steel contributes to the sustainable use of resources, which are not endless and must therefore be preserved for future generations.
Scrap and steel are the most recycled materials in the world. When they have fulfilled their role after some decade, they become scrap material and therefore a high quality raw material, which we use for the manufacture of our products.


Therefore, we create the steel of tomorrow from the scrap material of yesterday and today.
Our activity contributes every day to the economic life cycle relating to the manufacturing, construction and demolition.
Today, 70% of the scrap we use comes from neighboring regions. In this way, we comply, in part, with the principles of the circular economy at each of our sites and we reduce the CO² impacts linked to transport among other things.
For over 60 years, our manufacturing process has made sense of the product life cycle and thus reuses the waste generated by our daily life, scrap metal from industry, demolitions of buildings or metal buildings...

Recycling is the basis of our activity.


The French factories of the RIVA group produce by themselves more than 2 million tonnes of steel and scrap every year to process their products.

Our factories in France work every year to provide its customers with quality steels while respecting the elementary principles of the circular economy and the preservation of the environment as a whole.


  • Our raw materials come mainly from the consumption of everyday products that are at the end of their life; scrap vehicles, washing machines, soda cans, aerosols … We give endless life to the products that we all use every day.
  • Beyond this aspect, we contribute to the preservation of the environment by recovering more than 90% of our waste but also our co-products from the production of our steels. For example, today we consider our slag as a product in its own right. Our collaborators, in partnership with laboratories and research centers, work so that our slag can be used for the production of roads, car parks, paths ... They thus replace natural materials such as limestone and gravel. (See Products / Dairy tab ")
  • Thanks to our main activity and our inexhaustible commitment to preserve the environment, we have integrated the SustSteel Label, which enhances our real approach to permanent recycling. (European label for sustainable steel production).
  • In the aim of circular economy and in compliance with the regulations, we ask our customers to inform the end users as well as the companies in charge of the demolition of structures and buildings, on the importance of sorting waste and especially the waste of the reinforcements in the concrete. This common control contributes to the preservation of the environment as well as to the reduction of carbon footprints linked to the extraction of raw materials, which can be avoided by recycling and reuse actions.


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