Neuves Maisons


RIVA Group's policy, which is implemented in all its industrial sites, sets requirement targets for customer satisfaction, safety and health at work, and respect for the environment.

The Group is also very involved in sustainable development and energy conservation.

These requirements are applied throughout thanks to its certified management system and control procedures that are deeply ingrained in the Company's culture.

All the Group's employees work every day to enhance the Company’s performance and to meet these requirements.

SAM Neuves-Maisons has numerous certifications, a perfect illustration of this deep commitment:

  • Management system based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

In addition to these standards, the plant interacts with the Head Office Purchasing Department to make energy performance an increasingly important factor when investing. To ensure its sustainability, NEUVES-MAISONS has been certified ISO 50001 since 2015.

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