Energy Management


Steel production is a process that requires a lot of energy, especially electricity and gas. Aware of this consumption, our goal is to minimize the waste of natural resources as a whole. Therefore the Group has trained some employees as “energy correspondents”. Their role is to monitor this consumption and to refer it to our Energy France manager. The aim of these new missions is to make all our employees aware of the use of energy, but also to regularly seek new efficient technologies and thus reduce our consumption.
Our society is investing not only to save the planet and fossil fuels, but also to make its steel processes more efficient. A high consumption does not necessarily mean better productivity, and we know this well.


We therefore optimize our consumption today with an accurate calculation of the parameters that are useful for both optimal production and energy consumption management.
For several years, the factories of the group have studied during their investments the most efficient energy solutions. Since 2015, the sites have been engaged in an energy efficiency approach through objectified performance plans over 5 years validated by the prefectural administration.

At the same time, the sites have obtained ISO 50001 certification.
These two elements thus enable the Company to obtain financial aid, which the Group can re-inject into the search for energy-efficient equipment. The performance criteria are established by our production sites. In the event of product and service purchases, the Group applies them.


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