Occupational health and safety


Our priority is the safety and health of those who work for us and with us at all RIVA sites in France.

Our Company has fixed the objective of "ZERO" work accident and occupational disease. Therefore, we regularly implement analysis and reflection tools. The aim of this activity is to give to employees training in working methods, assessment and reduction of professional risks as well as compliance with rules and good practices within the group.
We carry out several internal training courses for the health and safety of our employees. Our teams of QSE leaders and managers, as well as our on-site nurses, deploy their strength every day to support each of the employees in their daily work and instill in them the right gestures and good practices.
These training courses are combined with the expertise of our oldest employees who know our installations perfectly and who understand potential risks with great maturity and great expertise.
Our Safety system is evolving and perfecting thanks to all our employees, their feedback and their involvement.
Security is everyone's concern; therefore, the collective plays an essential role in the success of a system that works.
Engaged beyond our processes:
PARSIDER and its subsidiaries want to engage in "Quality", both in terms of products but also in terms of process.
This Quality comes, of course, from the work carried out internally, passing through strong requirements in the field concerning safety at work, respect for the environment, energies, but also the service providers and suppliers who support us throughout the year.
In order to comply with this major requirement, we have set up selection, control and monitoring systems to establish balanced, fair relationships that are in accordance with our expectations and our values.
Therefore, our purchasing department endeavors to select our partners according to precise criteria, with which we are perfectly in keeping.
For example, we have decided to primarily choose providers and suppliers certified by accredited bodies for their QSEE management system and to set up an internal certification "suppliers / service providers Riva France" on QSEE criteria for other companies who wish to work with us.

«If we want our system to be efficient, we have to analyze and check it as a whole that is to say from beginning to end of our activity. Choosing our partners is an essential key to success. We know with whom we work and thus strengthen our confidence in our customer / supplier relationships ”. HSE France Manager»

This great "customer / supplier" cooperation today strengthens our commitment to Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy.


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