Radiometric detection


Radioactivity is a phenomenon that is found naturally in some minerals, for example. Therefore, these elements could be found in our raw materials. Consequently, we particularly monitor this radioactivity even if it does not exceed natural thresholds.


The search for radionuclides possibly present in the materials entering the steelworks represents a very delicate problem that Riva Steel has always faced with the greatest attention. Consequently, the factories of Riva Steel, potentially concerned, have already installed for several years, numerous surveillance detectors in order to follow precisely the incoming materials.


At present, these devices represent, to date, the best available technology in radiometric monitoring.

In addition to these technical measures, which are perfectly integrated into our scrap reception and manufacturing processes, we train Competent Radiation Protection Persons (PCR) every year in order to guarantee optimal vigilance in terms of radiation protection.


Our employees thus trained can act in addition to our technical tools and ensure precise monitoring of the controls carried out. They are also responsible for informing their employees in the event of questions relating to radiation protection.




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