Reach policies


What does REACH mean?

Registration Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals



REACH is a single regulation, which applies in the same way and within the same deadlines in all European companies:

  • registration of all substances manufactured or imported over 1 t. per year,
  • evaluation of test proposals, registration dossiers and substances,
  • authorization for substances of very high concern and restrictions to manage risks from other chemicals.


Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of December 18, 2006.

On our industrial sites, we have to work with chemicals similar to those used by most of households in France (paint, aerosols, cleaning products, mechanical oils, etc.)
By knowing and controlling risks and eliminating the most dangerous substances, we protect the health of our employees and the environment as a whole.
We take additional precautions when using chemicals.
First, we facilitate less dangerous substitute products when it is technically feasible. In all cases, we give particular importance and vigilance to the study of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).
We always provide them before the use of substances or mixtures classified as dangerous according to the classification, labeling and packaging regulations for chemicals (CLP).
Reformed by REACH, the SDS notably includes the exposure scenarios for each use.
Thus, we use these products in a very supervised and monitored manner. Internally, we perform risk analyzes related to the use of these chemicals. We then write precautions for use in addition to the SDS. Our collaborators are aware of the safe use of these products and we provide all the individual or collective protective equipment necessary for their use.
In the same way, we also check the storage of these products as well as their disposal in waste.


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