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1973: Willi KORF and the Société Métallurgique de Normandie (Normandy Metallurgical Society, SMN) founded the Montereau Steelworks Company (SAM) in the Paris region to produce concrete reinforcing steel based on the mini-mill model: electric furnace, billets from continuous casting and a rolling mill.
Located in the middle of an area that produced recovered scrap metal (raw material) and required steel for concrete reinforcement, the plant also enjoyed a road and rail network as well as a connection to the Seine River. The first casting and rolling operations took place in April 1975.

1984: The Société des Aciéries de Montereau is sold to UNIMETAL. The NERSAM patent is registered in France, the first ever concrete reinforcing steel with 4 rows of ribs aiming to improve the behavior of coiled steel for unwinding and shaping.

1993: After the break-up of UNIMETAL, a new entity named SAM (Société des Aciers d’arMature du béton - “Concrete Reinforcing Steel Company”) was established, regrouping USINOR Group’s concrete reinforcing steel operations with the two steel mills at Montereau (77) and Neuves-Maisons (54) as well as the processing workshops.

1995: USINOR sells SAM and its subsidiaries to the British Group ASW (Allied Steel and Wire).

2000: RIVA Group acquires SAM and its subsidiaries.


2002: SAM Montereau adopts the cold rolling process.

2003: SAM Montereau obtains ISO 9001 certification, year 2000 version. 

2007: Implementation of a fully-controlled organizational system, capable of guaranteeing quality, safety and the environment / Continuous improvement in communication, organization, documentation, performance / Commitment to a sustainable development strategy.


The SAM plant at Montereau (Meurthe et Moselle Department) produces billets from continuous casting, used to develop hot rolled concrete reinforcing stretched coils, wire rods, hot rolled reinforcing bars and welded mesh.

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